Taskwarrior Lesson 06: Command Stacking

New Commands Here is the full command we will be using in this lesson. newcakefunction () { task add Bake cake for $1 due:$2 scheduled:due-4d wait:due-5d project:$3 task add buy eggs +$1,grocery due:$2 scheduled:due-1d wait:-2d project:$3 task add buy flour +$1,grocery due:$2 scheduled:due-1d wait:-2d project:$3 task add buy milk +$1,grocery due:$2 scheduled:due-1d wait:-2d project:$3 } alias newcake=newcakefunction

Taskwarrior Lesson 05: Taskwarrior and Bash

New Commands Configurations to the .bashrc file alias nt=“task add $1” $1 is an argument that you can send to command and it will process it where it is located. alias tl="task list" alias reload="source .bashrc" alias nt="task add $1" taskprojectfunction () { task $1 modify project:$2 } alias tproj=taskprojectfunction UPDATE: Monday, July 10, 2017 04:12 pm - I was absolutely wrong about this. Although Taskwarrior took the command it is not stored correctly.

Taskwarrior Lesson 04: Miscellaneous Commands and Tags

New Commands $ task calc $ task calendar $ task export $ task {task id} append {text} $ task undo $ task {task id} prepend {text} $ task project $ task log $ task completed $ task {uuid} $ task timesheet $ task ghistory $ task history $ task burndown.daily $ task burindown.weekly $ task show $ task active $ task {task id} start $ task colors $ task {task id} duplicate $ task {task id} modify tag:{tag} {tag} Any single word to tag a task.

Taskwarrior Lesson 03: Linking Tasks and Setting Projects

New Commands $ task {task id} modify priority:{priority level} {priority level} By default usually L, M, & H for low, medium and high. $ task {task id} modify depends:{other task id} {other task id} The task id where one task depends on another. $ task {task id} modify project:{project name} {project name} The name of the project other tasks belong to.