Taskwarrior Lesson 05: Taskwarrior and Bash

New Commands

Configurations to the .bashrc file

alias nt=“task add $1”
$1 is an argument that you can send to command and it will process it where it is located.

alias tl="task list"
alias reload="source .bashrc"
alias nt="task add $1"
taskprojectfunction () {
    task $1 modify project:$2
alias tproj=taskprojectfunction 

UPDATE: Monday, July 10, 2017 04:12 pm - I was absolutely wrong about this. Although Taskwarrior took the command it is not stored correctly. It is essentially stored as one whole word or string. The correct way is in the code below.

$ task {task id} modify tag:“{text} {text} {text}”

tasktagfunction () {
 task $1 modify tag:“$1 $2 $3”
alias ttag=tasktagfunction

This is the correct way. I will explain more in Taskwarrior Lesson 05 Correction: Tags.

    $ task {task id} modify +{tag#1} +{tag#2} +{tag#3}

UPDATE: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 12:16 am - One other update I found from doing the “undo” command was that tags were separated by commas. Taskwarrior seemed to accept that format as well.

        $ task {task id} modify +{tag#1},{tag#2},{tag#3}